Connor Kenrick



I am a recent college graduate having attended Michigan State University studying the fields of marketing, media information and film. My time in East Lansing earned me my current 9am-5pm position as an editor on the production team at a large, Detroit-based advertising agency. After my commute home, I hone my craft as a freelance contributor to Lens Media House. Immersing myself in both a traditional, large agency setting and a new age production house has given me a unique perspective on how content drives results on a large scale and a singular level.

I express my passion for storytelling and sharing experiences through my content creation because I feel like digital media is one of the most empowering and valuable tools to communicate through. Through my uncommon mixture of academic and professional experiences I have learned how to leverage this limitless art-form for brands and assist them communicate compelling and meaningful messages; messages that move people.

After I’ve spent enough time behind the camera or on my computer editing, I’m usually looking for the next best concert to come to Detroit, planning my next road trip, playing hockey with some savvy vets or seeking new experiences with close friends.

Down to earth and eager to create.

Let's Collaborate:

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